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Take Action for Affordable Medicines & Devices

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by Jayla Burton, Program Officer

Since our founding, Breast Cancer Action has worked to expand access to quality, evidence-based healthcare for all people. High drug prices and gaps in coverage for essential medical equipment prevent too many people from getting the treatment they need. Now there’s a bill before Congress that can help change that.

Tell your Senator to vote yes on the Lower Drug Costs Now Act (H.R. 3).

During the State of the Union, President Trump stated that he would sign a bill to reduce prescription drug costs – despite the Senate currently being unwilling to move H.R. 3 forward. House Democrats took action by standing up, raising three fingers in the air, and chanting “H-R-3” in response.

Take your stand and tell your Senators to vote YES on the Lower Drug Costs Now Act.

The Lower Drug Costs Now Act will:

• Provide Medicare coverage for medically necessary supplies to treat lymphedema, a painful and disabling condition that results from breast cancer treatment.

• Help lower costs and increase access to prescription drugs by allowing the government to negotiate drug prices and cap patients’ out-of-pocket spending on prescription drugs.

The House has already voted on and passed The Lower Drug Costs Now Act, which includes important provisions from the Lymphedema Treatment Act. Now it’s the Senate’s turn.

Take action NOW and ask your Senator to make sure people have access to the affordable medicines and devices they need!


We Can’t Do This Work Without You

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Thanks to everyone who gave so generously – your support is vital to our programs.

Your year-end donations fuel our work to support people living with breast cancer, honor those we’ve lost, and protect the health of future generations.

For just one example of the work you make possible, check out Karuna Jaggar’s dispatches from the recent San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium.

Double Your Impact

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Tell 3M: Say Never to Forever Chemicals

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Each October, multibillion-dollar corporations try to make money off of breast cancer by telling us to buy their products to “support a good cause.” When 3M markets pink ribbon products, but also produces toxic forever chemicals that may contribute to an increased risk of breast cancer, that’s pinkwashing. 

Tell 3M’s executives to stop the production, use, and sale of all PFAS. Tell 3M to stop pinkwashing!

3M’s pink ribbon products can’t distract us from the fact that their PFAS are toxic and may increase the risk of breast cancer.

PFAS are called forever chemicals because they don’t break down, and evidence shows that even very low levels of PFAS exposure is not safe for human health. Researchers have found at least one PFAS in 98% of Americans.

Like many businesses looking to build their brand, over the years 3M has run several breast cancer promotions. 3M has marketed pink ribbon Post-its and is currently selling pink stethoscopes to “help the fight against breast cancer,” while continuing to produce and use PFAS that may increase the risk of breast cancer.

One of 3M’s own consultants warned that the chemical used for years in Scotchgard “is one of the strongest cancer promoters I’ve ever seen. In addition to causing some cancers, PFAS interfere with normal hormone functioning. They’ve also been shown to suppress the immune system, the body’s first line of defense, which helps the body prevent rogue cells from growing into breast cancer. Even low dose exposure to PFAS changes the structure of the mammary gland and interferes with breastfeeding.

Tell 3M’s executives to stop producing, using, and selling PFAS and to stop pinkwashing!

Marketing pink products isn’t enough! If 3M really cares about breast cancer, they will put our health before their PFAS-driven profits.

Pinktober is Coming. Get Ready.

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By Kira Jones, Communications Manager

“Do something besides worry.” I was struck by the simple power of this slogan when I first came to Breast Cancer Action for a summer internship in 2007. Now, as the Communications Manager for this radical and compassionate organization that never shies away from the hard truths, the phrase rings just as true.

With Pinktober just around the corner, I’m excited to share some ways that you can “do something” to get ready for the onslaught of pink and to challenge the hypocrisy of the breast cancer industry. 

  1. Brush up on our “Critical Questions for Conscious Consumersso you’re ready to assess all the pink ribbon promotions—and help your community do the same.
  2. Create a “Don’t Pink For Me” fundraising campaign to support Breast Cancer Action.You can trust us because we’re free from conflicts of interest. Tell your friends and family “Don’t Pink for Me” and ask them to make a donation to Breast Cancer Action in your honor instead.
  3. Spread the word about our work and tell your friends to sign up for our emailsMake sure your family and friends are in-the-know about our campaign when we launch at the beginning of October.
  4. Like us on Facebook and follow us on TwitterBe ready to “like” and share our posts with your friends and retweet us using our this year’s Think Before Your Pink®campaign hashtag. Your active engagement helps amplify our message!
  5. Gather with others in the SF Bay Area Breast Cancer Action community at our Action Speak Louder than Pink – Food for Thoughtfundraising dinner on October 15 for a thought-provoking program accompanied by a delicious meal.

Together, year after year, our collective action has changed the landscape of pink ribbon marketing and made pinkwashing companies change their ways. Let’s do it again this year. We’re counting down the days until we launch this year’s Think Before You Pink® campaign. Watch for an email about how you can join us in action!

This is What the #CancerResistance Looks Like

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By Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director

Breast Cancer Action has always been a radical cancer organization—from our founders to our ever-growing community of fierce, persistent activists. That’s because women’s bodies and women’s health have always been social justice issues. As activists across the country are calling for justice and demanding change, Breast Cancer Action is leading the #CancerResistance!

DONATE NOW to support the #CancerResistance!

The country is at a crossroads, and people across the country are calling for social justice as part of a broad and powerful growing movement. #MeToo is pushing back on patriarchy and entrenched misogyny. #BlackLivesMatter is shining a light on police violence and racism. #NeverAgain is changing the conversation about gun violence. With your support, Breast Cancer Action is challenging the cancer industry as we lead the #CancerResistance.

Our work has never been more important than it is right now. Work that matters for the millions of people who are living with and at risk of breast cancer. Work that can’t be separated from the larger push for social justice. Work that makes sure women’s health never gets sidelined.

Your gift is more important than ever and funds our vital grassroots activism.
 and we’ll send you your own “This is What the Cancer Resistance Looks Like” sticker

Thanks to the support of donors and members like you, we’re fighting the cancer industry—the interconnected web of corporations that profit from and contribute to the disease while working hand in hand with multi-million dollar nonprofits to raise billions in the name of breast cancer.

And we’ve shown again and again that when people like you and me join together to demand a better world, we can and we do win, against the odds.

There’s a lot that needs to change right now to address and end the breast cancer epidemic. And I can assure you, we will persist, until lives and communities aren’t threatened by breast cancer! So much is at stake. Please donate today and join the #CancerResistance.

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Questions to Ask Before You WalkBefore You Walk or Run for Breast Cancer

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people come together to participate in breast cancer walks and runs across the U.S. Since the first breast cancer walks began in the 1980s, they have become one of the most common ways for people to try to do something about breast cancer.

Some of these walks have become huge affairs that are hosted by multi-million dollar charities and sponsored by multi-billion dollar corporations that raise millions to “end breast cancer.” And yet each year, 250,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 40,000 women die of this disease.

If you want to be sure your time and money are truly making a difference, here are four questions to ask before participating in or donating to a breast cancer walk.