Unappetizing New Report About Chemicals Used in Oil Operations

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By Alyssa Figueroa, Campaigns Coordinator

Halos boxWhile we’ve been calling on Bee Sweet Citrus and Wonderful Citrus to stop pinkwashing – using oil wastewater to irrigate their oranges while running pink ribbon promotions – a group of independent scientists has been taking a closer look at the chemicals used in the oil operations that supply this wastewater. And their findings are quite unappetizing.

Here’s a snapshot of what their newly released report says about the 173 identified chemicals used in the oil fields supplying wastewater for food crop irrigation in California:

  • 10 of these chemicals are known or possible carcinogens
  • “43% of these chemicals can be classified as potential chemicals of concern from human health and/or environmental perspectives and require a more thorough investigation”
  • 38% of these chemicals could not be “sufficiently identified for…hazard evaluation” because oil corporations are concealing them as trade secrets

TakeAction 2015That’s right. Oil companies are using toxic, cancer-causing chemicals—and a bunch of other secret chemicals—in their operations and then supplying their wastewater from these operations for food crop irrigation. And companies like Bee Sweet and Wonderful are using this wastewater!

200pxedited-bee-sweet-bagIt’s unacceptable that these companies are using their farm workers and the public as guinea pigs in a public health experiment. And it’s outrageous that, on top of it all, they’re using pink ribbons to sell their citrus.

Send a letter to the presidents of these pinkwashing companies NOW to tell them that “Toxic Isn’t Tasty” and to demand that they stop using oil wastewater to irrigate their oranges!

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