Pinkwashers are feeling squeezed

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By Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director

200pxedited-bee-sweet-bagYour voices are being heard!
You’ve been telling Bee Sweet Citrus and Wonderful Citrus to stop watering their citrus with oil wastewater, and they’ve been feeling your pressure!

Just one day after our “Toxic Isn’t Tasty” campaign launched, Bee Sweet Citrus blocked your emails. They apparently have no desire to actually hear from the people whose health their pink ribbons claim to care about. But have no fear: your letters will be delivered by us.

So take action NOW and keep the pressure on!

Bee Sweet doesn’t want to hear from you but Wonderful Citrus President David Krause wants you to hear from him If you take action on our campaign to stop the pinkwashing agribusinesses Bee Sweet and Wonderful Citrus, Mr. Krause will send you an email because that’s his job. And he’s good at his job, protecting the interests of Wonderful Citrus.

TakeAction 2015

But don’t be fooled. Wonderful Citrus sells oranges. Breast Cancer Action works to protect women’s health and to put your health before corporate profits.  

225pxhalos_boxThe use of oil wastewater to water our food has not been proven to be safe for farm workers or the public. That’s why there’s a food safety panel that’s assessing the health risks associated with it right now!

You can read our response to David Krause’s attempt to pivot on this issue on our blog.

We need to keep squeezin’ them. Take action now, and then take the Toxic-Isn’t-Tasty-Ten-Friend Challenge by getting 10 friends to join you.

And if you hear from Mr. Krause and don’t like that he’s asking you to essentially sit down, be quiet, and eat your oranges, tell him what you think. Write back to him!

By raising our voices together, we can and do make change. Keep up the pressure. Tell these pinkwashers that there is nothing sweet or wonderful about citrus irrigated with oil wastewater.

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  1. Patti Romero
    Posted October 17, 2016 at 7:17 am | Permalink

    Use clean and uncontaminated water to irrigate. If you cannot do this, do not act like your product is good for breast health.

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