Our Pressure Is Working—Pinkwashers Feel the Heat!

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Alyssa Figueroa 2015 for EALERTBy Alyssa Figueroa, Campaigns Coordinator

Your letters, your stories and your voices are being heard! You’ve been telling the American Cancer Society and the Personal Care Products Council to clean up their Look Good, Feel Better® program, and they’ve been forced to listen.

LGFB Homepage 1Last week, they both issued statements in response to our collective outrage that they’re exposing cancer patients to cancer-linked cosmetics. And members like you made it clear that their poor excuses aren’t good enough.

The American Cancer Society appallingly wrote that “the benefits of Look Good, Feel Better outweigh the minimal risks.” In no time, BCAction member Britta refuted their claim, writing: “American Cancer Society, this is not okay. Every company that produces carcinogen-containing products can say the same thing you’re saying: ‘It’s such a small amount, so the risk is low.’ And then none of you are taking responsibility for being part of the problem. People in positions of power like you need to take carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting chemicals SERIOUSLY.”

Meanwhile, the Personal Care Products Council issued a press release claiming that all of its products comply with FDA standards. But these standards are so weak that companies are not even required to demonstrate a product is safe before it lands on store shelves—or in makeup kits.

TakeAction 2015BCAction member Roxanne had this to say: “The Council has released a statement calling Breast Cancer Action’s allegations ‘irresponsible.’ Cosmetics are full of potentially toxic and questionable ingredients. It is irresponsible not to make cosmetics safer, especially for women who have breast cancer.”

We’ve pressured these pinkwashers to respond to our demands—now we need to turn the pressure up so they actually change their pinkwashing ways. But the only way we can do that is if we flood their inboxes with your letters.

That’s why we need you to take action now and spread the word to everyone you know. Together, we must take a stand TODAY for women’s health!

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