Twice the impact for the truth about breast cancer

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Ngina Lythcott & Byllye Avery

Ngina (left) with her partner, Byllye.

By Ngina Lythcott, BCAction Board member

I’ve been living with breast cancer for 27 years. My diagnosis was terrifying and I know how important it is to have accurate, evidence-based information about this disease from a trusted source. I serve on the Board of Directors of Breast Cancer Action because I believe that every woman needs independent information about treatment decisions, free of charge.

Please join me in donating to Breast Cancer Action today. Your gift will be doubled by a generous matching donation, up to $12,500, through June 30th.

Since my own diagnosis, I have lost dozens of close friends and colleagues to the disease, mostly from recurrences that they didn’t expect. I know we desperately need safe and effective treatments for breast cancer. And I am grateful for BCAction’s work to ensure that drug companies sell more than hope and hype by ensuring the FDA upholds the highest standards of efficacy and safety.

As an advocate for women with breast cancer, I know that this disease impacts women of color and poor women unequally. I am especially focused on triple negative breast cancer, which often strikes at an early age, is fast growing, has a high mortality rate, and for which there is not yet a targeted treatment. African American women and Sephardic Jewish women are more likely to receive a diagnosis of triple negative breast cancer than are women of any other ethnic group. BCAction is a crucial resource for me around this issue.

I serve on BCAction’s Board because of its unbiased truth-telling and on-the-ground activism. BCAction stands against corporations whose products cause cancer and those that exploit breast cancer for profit. BCAction is fearless in its work to expose hypocrisy around breast cancer and will never be intimidated by institutional power.

Your donation to Breast Cancer Action today will help us continue to make sure that evidence-based information about breast cancer is available to all women affected by the disease. Andyour gift will have double the impact because I and my fellow Board members have committed to matching your donation dollar-for-dollar.

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