The truth about breast cancer

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There is nothing comforting, secure, soft or reassuring about breast cancer. The reality is doctor’s visits, radiation appointments, chemo infusions and their aftermath. And there’s always the uncertainty of recurrence.

Breast Cancer Action is NOT like most mainstream breast cancer organizations. We aren’t afraid to stand up and speak out about the uncomfortable realities of this disease and we don’t cover up the hard issues with pretty pink ribbons. 

Watch our video. Get inspired. Make a donation.

As the watchdog for the breast cancer movement, we will always tell the truth about breast cancer. We will always work to put the needs of women living with and at risk of breast cancer before corporate profits.

And we can always put patients first because we never accept funding that creates a conflict of interest. That’s why we need you to make a donation, today. Take action. Join us by funding this critical work.

Please make a donation of $25 or more so Breast Cancer Action can continue to put women’s health before corporate profit.

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