Rally to outlaw human gene patents

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Can anyone own the sun or the air?

The very idea is absurd; yet, this question is the crux of our case coming before the U.S. Supreme Court on April 15th. Currently, Myriad Genetics owns a patent on the human BRCA 1&2 genes – more commonly known as the “breast cancer” genes. Breast Cancer Action believes that human genes belong to human beings, not corporations.

On April 15, 2013, the Supreme Court will hear oral arguments for this case. Please, join Breast Cancer Action and activists from across the country for a rally to outlaw human gene patents.

Allowing corporations to patent human genes is wrong: it’s like permitting corporations to patent the sun or the air we breathe.

Rally Against Human Gene Patents

BCAction is the only national breast cancer organization that is a plaintiff in this case. We believe that justice will be served only by a Supreme Court decision to outlaw human gene patenting because human gene patents actively harm women’s health. When a corporation owns human genes, corporate profits will always come before our health.

A ruling against Myriad Genetics has the potential to open doors for breast cancer patients everywhere.

Currently, Myriad sets the high price tag on BRCA1&2 testing. They are the exclusive provider of the test and restrict all access to a 2nd opinion for anyone who experiences ambiguous results (most often women of color) or who simply wants someone else to look at the results; and controls who gets to conduct research in all areas pertaining to the BRCA1&2 gene.

Take part in this historic moment, and join us for a rally to outlaw human gene patents on the U.S. Supreme Court steps!

When: April 15, 2013. Gather at 9:00am, rally starts at 9:30am and will end around noon.
Where: Supreme Court of the United States, 1 First Street, NE Washington, DC 20543.
Who: You, your friends, family, and colleagues; BCAction staff, members, activists and partners  from across the country taking a stand against human gene patenting.
What to Expect: Banners and signs, speeches from passionate women’s health activists and BRCA-positive women – lights, cameras and action!
RSVP: Click here to let us know you’ll be there!

Please join us for this landmark case. Take a stand against human gene patents.

In order to seriously address and end breast cancer, BCAction has long taken a stand to put patients before corporate profits: it’s time the Supreme Court did the same. Stand with us against human gene patenting.

PS: If you are interested in helping with outreach or recruitment for this event, or have any special needs or questions about this rally, please contact Policy and Campaigns Coordinator Annie Sartor at asartor@bcaction.org.

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