Women count on us, and we count on you

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By Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director

I get too many gut-wrenching calls from friends and acquaintances telling me they’ve been diagnosed with breast cancer. Each time, I live with the terrible truth that despite the popular promise that “early detection saves lives,” I know no matter how early breast cancer is found, there are no guarantees with this disease.

That’s why Breast Cancer Action will always be unapologetic about challenging assumptions – and inspiring change – to address and end this breast cancer epidemic.

Women count on Breast Cancer Action, and we count on you. We depend on you to invest in the game-changing work we’re doing together. Will you make a donation to Breast Cancer Action right now?

Grassroots funding is vital to our mission. We don’t take a dime of corporate funding from companies that profit from or contribute to the breast cancer epidemic.

Three out of every four dollars of our funding comes from individuals like you. Our independence means we can always be a fearless advocate for women’s health.

Your donation to Breast Cancer Action fuels our work and ensures that women’s health comes before corporate profit.

With the support of activists and supporters like you, over the last 22 years, together we’ve shown that grassroots activism works. Because of the investment of people like you, BCAction is a fearless, independent advocate ensuring women’s health doesn’t take a backseat to corporate profit and political agendas.

Can I count on your support? Please, make your year-end donation of $50 to Breast Cancer Action today.

Your donation goes a long way in funding our independent education and advocacy programs, including:

  • Truth-telling, patient-centered analysis and information for women and their loved ones who have questions about clinical trials, a new diagnosis, breast cancer risk, or a treatment decision.
  • Provocative webinars, fact sheets, and educational programs that inspire individuals across the country to challenge the status quo on screening, health inequities, drug approval, chemical regulation, pink ribbon marketing, and so much more.
  • Game-changing campaigns that redefine the conversation about pink ribbon cause marketing, taking concepts like Think Before Your Pink® and pinkwashing mainstream, and holding corporate pinkwashers accountable.
  • Expert, patient-centered advocacy at the Food and Drug Administration to ensure patients come before pharmaceutical profits when it comes to drug and device approval.
  • Relentless activism demanding a precautionary approach that protects public health so we can get toxic chemicals out of our lives and stop cancer before it starts.

No matter how big or small, your gift matters. I ask you to give as generously as you can because your contribution fuels our vital work to move all of us beyond the cheerful tokenism of the pink ribbon, beyond the status quo of empty awareness, to the real change we need.

I hope you will join me in this important work. Can I count on you to be part of this movement for change?

Thank you for giving generously today.

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