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Our staff follows a number of blogs that offer much-needed perspective on the breast cancer epidemic. Two of our favorite bloggers, Katie Ford Hall and Gayle Sulik, wrote brilliant posts this week that we wanted to share.

Katie Ford Hall, of Uneasy Pink, writes about her experience confronting the “Feel Your Boobies” organization’s offensive sexualization of breast cancer:

“This organization, ostensibly dedicated to helping young survivors, seems to be legitimizing ogling.  Comments that would certainly not be acceptable in most other contexts are welcomed, even encouraged, here.  Perverted statements that could get someone fired from a job or sued for harassment are safe at FYB because it’s all “for the cause.”  And when I pointed out that their dominant narrative doesn’t describe the reality for, well, anyone I know who has had breast cancer, what happens?  I get called names, shamed and belittled.”

Gayle Sulik, writer of Pink Ribbon Blues, posted today:

“What GOOD is AWARENESS?? This is a crucial question for every organization that comprises the breast cancer movement, for every policy maker, organization, or program that allocates funding to cancer related projects, and for every individual who wants to see society’s efforts to deal with cancer result in better care, better treatment, reduced mortality, and reduced incidence.

What GOOD is AWARENESS?? To answer this question, we must consider what awareness can do, what it does do, and what it does not do.

What GOOD is AWARENESS?? To avoid this question because it is uncomfortable or inconvenient, boring or unpopular, is to disrespect the desire to act efficaciously toward the eradication of this disease, to waste the public’s good will, and to throw away billions of dollars that could be better spent.

What GOOD is AWARENESS?? To answer this question with vague platitudes and either/or thinking is to put at risk the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who will not be cured with boobies bracelets, awareness umbrellas, and shower cards.”

At BCA, we’ve received a lot of flack for consistently speaking the truth about breast cancer- telling our members about the influence of corporate interests, the insufficient regulation of chemicals that contribute to the epidemic, and the social injustices that determine breast cancer outcomes. Part of what keeps us going is support from our membership, who assure us that our voice is a vital one.

Please extend your support to these bloggers and let them know that their powerful words are appreciated!


  1. judith pollack
    Posted March 22, 2011 at 12:57 pm | Permalink

    Although there is an American Cancer Society yearly walk for breast cancer, there is also something newer (for approximately the last 2 years) here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. You walk around a fancy shoppig blvd. with spike heeled shoes and showy clothes & to do so, you give a contribution. I have no idea what % of the $ actually goes to breast cancer causes. It is publicized very much as a “fun” thing & attracts gorgeous young things who like to wear skin tight clothes (ironically, low cut) and ridiculous shoes that will cripple your feet. Nice, huh?
    Also, there is a group “joke” circulating around the web that I have received at least 3x from from the most unlikely people.. It’s about preparing to take mammograms, making jokes about breast squeezing, etc. This is funny? These women who are circulating it obviously don’t know what it feels like to take a mammogram and wait for the results after you’ve had breast cancer. There’s nothing funny about it.

  2. Dorry Clay
    Posted March 24, 2011 at 2:30 pm | Permalink

    I posted a link to “The Scar Project” on the wall of the “Feel Your Boobies” organization’s facebook page only to have it along with other links and comments deleted. Repeatedly. Yet the most sexist, pathetic remarks were not. It was so weird I thought I had stumbled on to The Onion’s fb page for a while there. After I asked them if they wanted to feel my scars they reported me to fb and blocked me. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I already have cancer? Was I bad for sales? I’m guessing I was just too kinky for them.
    Le Sigh…..

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