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somehow, I don’t believe that dry cleaning chemical suppliers will lead us to an end to the breast cancer epidemic.

New England-based AristoCraft Supply, the self-described “premier distributor of drycleaning, laundry and tailoring supplies”, apparently disagrees.

Earlier this year, they launched a campaign called “Clean to Save a Life”, to sell pink items to dry cleaners. “Pink tissue, pink capes, pink garment covers, pink invoice paper,” says AristoCraft vice president Rick Ross. “If you want pink, we’ve got it.” An undisclosed amount of proceeds will purportedly be donated to the American Breast Cancer Foundation.

What this campaign doesn’t tell you is that while you “clean to save a life”, you could very well be endangering yours.

Drycleaning shops are notorious for using chemicals that have been linked to cancer, birth defects, and a number of other health issues.

A glance at the AristoCraft website confirmed that their products contain many hazardous chemicals, including butyl cellusolve (a known neurotoxin) and PERC (a chemical that the World Health Organization calls “a probable human carcinogen”).

While consumers or those living in close proximity to drycleaning shops may experience negative health effects from these chemicals, it is certain that workers in these shops are the most vulnerable. So I ask AristoCraft… exactly whose lives are you saving?

This particularly repulsive instance of pinkwashing has earned AristoCraft a spot in our Parade of Pink. Congratulations, guys.

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