Last Chance! We’ll Match Your Donation TODAY.

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Board of Directors 2015

We’re so close! You have one more day to help Breast Cancer Action raise $12,500, which will be doubled for a total of $25,000!

Twice the impact for the truth about breast cancer

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Ngina & Byllye

By Ngina Lythcott, BCAction Board member I’ve been living with breast cancer for 27 years. My diagnosis was terrifying and I know how important it is to have accurate, evidence-based information about this disease from a trusted source. I serve on the Board of Directors of Breast Cancer Action because I believe that every woman […]

I will double your donation to Breast Cancer Action

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By Shobita Parthasarathy, BCAction Board member My name is Shobita, and I’m a member of Breast Cancer Action’s all-volunteer Board of Directors. For more than ten years, I’ve admired BCAction’s fiercely independent advocacy on behalf of women’s health, and I was honored to join the Board in 2014.

Donate Today – Your Gift Will Be Matched!

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Board of Directors 2015

We have an amazing opportunity right now. We are the all-volunteer national Board of Directors who love Breast Cancer Action and donate our time and talent to steward this powerful grassroots organization. Breast Cancer Action depends on members like you to fund our vital and independent work. As the Board of Directors, we are acutely […]

Why I Told My Friends “Don’t Pink for Me”

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By Julie Morgan, Member, BCAction Board of Directors In 2011, when I was 37, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was devastating to me and my whole community. My friends and family wanted to show their support and love while I was going through treatment. I was pretty vocal from early on after my […]

Two ways to help BCAction today

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By Sahru Keiser, Program Manager Every year it starts earlier and earlier. Companies jump on the breast cancer bandwagon with their pink ribbon promotions. The latest outrageous example? A porn company is asking women to hold a Coke can between their breasts and take a picture to “raise awareness of breast cancer.” Our 2015 Think […]

25 years of putting women’s health first

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25th anniversary Gertie for WEB

By Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director This year marks Breast Cancer Action’s 25th anniversary – 25 years as the watchdog for the breast cancer movement. For 25 years, we have challenged the status quo in breast cancer to ensure that women’s health comes first. Since our fearless founders came together to create Breast Cancer Action, we have been […]

Honor Barbara Brenner’s Legacy

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Barbara Brenner sidebar

By Sarah Harding, Development Director Everyone who knew Barbara Brenner personally or by reputation knows she was fearless and direct in her questions and in her answers. One of her favorite lines was “change happens only because we demand it.” She taught me that if you don’t ask, you won’t get. Today, I am taking […]

4 Days Left to Donate

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TB4UP button

By Karuna Jaggar, Executive Director Breast Cancer Action is one of the smallest and most efficient organizations in our field. We are small but we are mighty. And we accomplish a lot with your donations.  We raise almost 25% of our budget in the month of December. Our members are our strength. We cannot do this […]

Watch Breast Cancer Action on The Daily Show

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Play Daily Show pinkwashing clip

Our executive Director Karuna Jaggar talked with Samantha Bee of The Daily Show about why pink drill bits “for the cure” are ludicrous and not the solution to the breast cancer epidemic – and why BCAction will never take corporate funding from any company that profits from or contributes to breast cancer. Support our independent […]

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