thinkbeforeyoupinklogoHighlights from Think Before You Pink® 2014

Together, over the years, we’ve changed the landscape of pink ribbon marketing. Pinkwashing is now a household word. People understand that you always have to “follow the money” in pink ribbon marketing. We’ve exposed the hypocrisy in pink ribbon fundraising and achieved some momentous wins against corporations. And this year’s Think Before You Pink campaign generated the largest grassroots opposition to pinkwashing ever. Together, we are turning the tide and we couldn’t have done it without you. In four short weeks, here’s a glimpse of the impact we’ve made.


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Think Before You Pink, a project of Breast Cancer Action, launched in 2002 in response to the growing concern about the overwhelming number of pink ribbon products and promotions on the market. The campaign calls for more transparency and accountability by companies that take part in breast cancer fundraising, and encourages consumers to ask critical questions about pink ribbon promotions.

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